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one of eight municipalities in Podhale village, situated at an altitude of 860-1000 m above sea level Proteins on the river just 15 km from Zakopane. This town has more than 12,000 inhabitants, it is characterized by mountain climate - where there is snow cover from October to May. Bukovina lies on the ridges and slopes Gliczarowskiego Foothills, and in the valleys lie the villages of Gron and Leśnica and Shores. Białki River Valley is one of the following three villages - located on the left bank of the Tatra Proteins, and on the right, belonging to the Spis - Black Mountains, and Rzepiska Jurgów. In Bukowina Tatranska there are many wooden guest houses built in the style of Witkiewicz, who remember the times of Inter. The center is located in Poland's largest wooden building - the People's House, which, like the old days serves as the cultural and organizes two major events nationwide. In 1996, Bukowina, was admitted to the World Cities Foundation carnival should be emphasized that the only one so far the town in Poland. Almost 30% of the commune takes Bukowina Tatra National Park. It should be pointed out that its premises are: Morskie Oko, Valley of Five Polish Tarns, Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicz Siklawa, Scratches, Zawrat, Grenades, Frog Mountains, Mengusovská Mountains, Goat Peak and Świnica and Orla Perc. Bukovina is a place that has excellent conditions for recreation, sports mountain hiking, skiing, cycling and other sports. The attractiveness of the town is also convenient road traffic, more than several thousand beds in modern spa facilities, resorts, hotels and guesthouses catering and extensive network. Bukowina Tatranska location makes it an ideal base to start cycling and mountain hikes. Close to other holiday destinations such as sophisticated as Poronin, hay Hamra, Wall, Stasikówka, Small quiet shores, Proteins, Leśnica, Gliczarów, Black Mountain, and Rzepiska Jurgów, Zakopane and Nowy Targ.