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The wander routs are marked with a square of 10 by 10cm cut in half by a diagonal line which divides it into two triangles of which the lower one may have a different color (blue, red, green ect.) and the upper one is always white. Each path begins at the Bukowina Tatrzańska Market, but id doesn’t mean that you have to start your journey there.

Szlak z Wodogrzmotów do Doliny Pięciu Stawów

Sometimes a difficult mountain trail graniami - for a very experienced travelers, the transition time of approximately 5 hours. Along the way, the largest waterfall in Poland - Siklawa.

Szlak z Sołtystwa na Czarnej Górze do Rzepisk

The route from the beginning of a fairly steep, then a mild and pleasant. Running time is 1 hour. 30 min. Length of 6.2 km. This is one of the most beautiful trails which is located in the municipality of Bukowina. Views, which can instantly enjoy breathtaking! Beginning of the route is on Sołtystwie where Black Mountain joins the Black Mountain Zagora..

Szlak przez Świstówkę do Doliny Pięciu Stawów

This is the easiest access to the Valley. The trail crosses the famous couloir "Gendarmerie", which is known for its huge avalanches that descend here in the winter on the road to Morskie Oko. Therefore, it is closed in winter.

Szlak z Brzegów do Bukowiny Dolnej

Wierch Brzegowskim runs, which offer beautiful views of the Rzepiska and Belianske and the High Tatras. The first stage of the route is very easy, the second stage is difficult due to the sharp descent and crossing of the brook. The trail ends with "Between the Mountains" - in the Lower Bukovina. The length of the trail is about 4.8 km, with a time of transition is 1 hour. 05 min.


Easy hike, with a length of 800m, can be reached by car. Lithuanian is the hill on whose slopes there are two parts of the village: on the one hand, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, on the other Zagóra, except on a mountain top there is a cross Millennium - visible even from neighboring towns. Running time approximately 15 minutes.


Szlak Groń - Kotelnica - Białka Tatrzańska

Trail length 6.5 km. very easy at first, then a little more difficult (to beat two kilometers of steep descent. Running time is 1 hour. 20 min. We start at the top of Groń (Sewcy)